Future Meetings

Location Year Dates Dates Title File
St Petersburg, Russian Federation201718 Oct - 18 Oct / 201718 Oct - 18 OctIntroduction by Mr Sergey MARTYNOV, Secretary General of the Council of the Federation of the Russian Federation, on the “Parliamentary system of the Russian Federation“Download
Communication by Mr José Manuel ARAUJO, Deputy Secretary General of the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal, on “Parliamentary groupings – formats and legal framework“Download
Communication by Mr Anoop MISHRA, Secretary General of the Lok Sabha of India, on “Communication challenges for Parliament: Meeting the information needs of MPs for greater efficiency“Download
Communication by Mr Christophe PALLEZ, Secretary General of the Questure of the French National Assembly, on “The large-scale renewal of French MPs following the general elections of June 2017“Download
Contribution by Mr Philippe SCHWAB, Secretary General of the Swiss Federal Assembly, to the General Debate on “The role and workings of Parliament in crisis situations”Download
PowerPoint presentation by Mr Amjed Pervez MALIK, Secretary General of the Senate in Pakistan, on The role and workings on Parliament in crisis situations"Download
Procedure for elections to the Executive CommitteeDownload
New Members 16.10.2017Download
Members present at end of 17.10.2017Download
List of ASGP MembersDownload
New Members 18.10.2017Download
Proposed themes for the draft agenda in Geneva march 2018Download