Individual communications and contributions

Year Name Author File
2010 - JanThe corridors of Parliament: a record of parliamentary history or a reflection of its peopleMr Mohamed Kamal Mansura (South Africa)Download
2010 - JanWelcome and presentation on the parliamentary system of ThailandMr Pitoon Pumhiran and Mr Suvimol Phumisingharaj (Thailand)Download
2010 - JanNew think tanks of the Korean National Assembly: National Assembly Budget Office and National Assembly Research ServiceMr Park Kye Dong (Republic of Korea)Download
2010 - JanCommittee work beyond the precincts of ParliamentMr Marc Bosc (Canada)Download
2010 - JanA hemicycle for the 21st centuryMrs Adelina Sà Carvalho (Portugal)Download
2010 - JanDemonstrations of members (and visitors) during sessions and the rules of orderDr Ulrich Schöler (Germany)Download
2010 - JanStatements by Ministers on the floor of the HouseDr V. K. Agnihotri (India)Download
2010 - JanThe process of parliamentary self reflection in the House of Representatives of the States GeneralMrs Jacqueline Biesheuvel-Vermeijden (Netherlands)Download
2010 - JanThe role of Officers of ParliamentMr Marc Bosc (Canada)Download
2009 - OctImpact of dissolution of Lok Sabha (Lower House) on legislative and other businessDr V.K. Agnihotri (India)Download
2009 - OctParliamentary immunity: the experience of GabonMr Felix Owansango Deacken (Gabon)Download
2009 - OctThe Office of Secretary GeneralMr Andres Lomp (Australia)Download
2009 - OctAdministrative self-evaluation by ParliamentsDr Hafnaoui Amrani (Algeria)Download
2009 - OctFinal draft report on the autonomy of ParliamentsMr Alain Delcamp (France)Download
2009 - OctPresentation by Mr Gherardo Casini (Global Centre for ICT in Parliament)Mr Gherardo Casini (Global Centre for ICT in Parliament)Download
2009 - OctReform of the consideration of bills and other texts in public sitting at the National AssemblyMr Xavier Roques (France)Download
2009 - OctCoordination Council of Secretaries General of Legislative Bodies of State Authority of the Russian FederationMr Vladimir Svinarev (Russian Federation)Download
2009 - OctThe representation of local authorities by the French SenateMr Alain Delcamp (France)Download
2009 - OctCo-operation of Parliamentary Secretariats, Beginning of Global Parliamentary DemocracyMr Kye Dong Park (Republic of Korea)Download
2009 - OctThe challenge of the strategic planning implementation in the Brazilian Chamber of DeputiesMrs Maria Raquel Mesquita Melo (Brazil)Download