Individual communications and contributions

Year Name Author File
2001 - SepThe appropriation procedure: an aspect of the budgetary process in a parliamentary democracy - the experience of the National Assembly of NigeriaMr. Ibrahim Salim (Nigeria)
2001 - SepThe participation of the Supreme Rada (Parliament) in the work of international parliamentary organisationsMr. Vyacheslav Koval (Ukraine)
2000 - DecThe Social Protection of ParliamentariansMrs. Ponceau (France)Download
2000 - DecThe Role of The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Defending Human RightsMr Bruno Haller (Council of Europe)Download
2000 - DecThe Parliamentary System of Burkina FasoMr Prosper Vokouma (Burkina Faso)Download
2000 - DecThe Interim Parliament of East TimorMrs Adeline Sa Carvalho (Portugal)Download
2000 - DecInterparliamentary co-operationMr Everhard Voss (Germany)Download
2000 - DecAppropriation Procedure - An Aspect of the Budgetary Process of NigeriaMrs R. A. Ahmadu (for Mr Ibrahim Salim) (Nigeria)Download
1999 - DecThe Role of the Secretary General in the Administration of ParliamentsMr. Zampetti (Italy)Download
1999 - DecThe New Swiss ConstitutionMr John Clerc (Switzerland)Download
1998 - DecThe Parliamentary System of GermanyDr Peter Eickenboom & Mr Georg Berndt Oschatz (Germany)Download
1998 - DecThe simplified examination procedure of the French Assemblee nationaleMr Pierre Hontebeyrie (France)Download
1998 - DecConstitutional Reform in FinlandMr Seppo Tiitinen (Finland)Download
1998 - DecThe parliamentary system of BelgiumMr Herman Nys & Mr Francis Graulich (Belgium)Download
1998 - DecThe administrative and financial autonomy of parliamentary assembliesMr Michel Couderc (France)Download
1998 - DecThe European Parliament on the eve of the year 2000: the main political and legislative challengesMr Harald RomerDownload
1997 - DecThe principle of parliamentary autonomyMr. Couderc (France)Download
1997 - DecThe immunities of members of parliamentMr. Myttenaere (Belgium)Download
1997 - DecThe Federal Parliament of EthiopiaHon. Mr. Haile Halefom (Ethiopia)Download
1997 - DecThe new legislation in Italy concerning the funding of political movements and partiesMr Giuseppe Troccoli (Italy)Download