Past Meetings

Location Year Dates Dates Documents File
Geneva, Switzerland201828 Mar - 28 Mar / 201828 Mar - 28 MarConvocation letter from the PresidentDownload
Communication by Mr Jakub KOWALSKI, Secretary General of the Senate of Poland, on "Parliament and society"Download
Convocation letter from the Joint SecretaryDownload
Contribution by Mrs Agnieszka KACZMARSKA, Secretary General of the Sejm of Poland, to the General Debate on “Scrutiny of Government by Parliament”Download
Agenda (28.03.2018)Download
Communication by Mr Geert Jan HAMILTON, Secretary General of the Senate of the Netherlands, on “The formation of a Government in a multi-party democracy“Download
Communication pro-formaDownload
Communication by Mr Mauro BARRETO, Deputy Director-General of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies, on “Participation of Society in the Innovation Process in Parliaments“Download
Affiliation form 2018Download
IPU: Centre for Innovation in ParliamentDownload
Communication by Mr Masibulele XASO, Secretary to the National Assembly of the Republic of South Africa, on “Reflections on the standing rules and reforms in the National Assembly of the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa“Download
Membership listDownload
Communication by Mr Manuel CAVERO, Secretary General of the Senate of Spain, on “Article 155 of the Spanish constitution in relation to events in Catalonia“Download
New Members 26 March 2018Download
Comunicación de Sr. Manuel CAVERO, Secretario General del Senado de Espagña, sobre “El Procedimiento en el Senado de aplicación del articulo 155.1 de la constitución española a la comunidad autonóma de Cataluña“Download
Attendance as at end 26 March 2018Download
Communication by Mr Antonio AYALES ESNA, Executive Director of the National Assembly of the Republic of Costa Rica, on “Open Parliament: transparency, accountability and citizen participation“Download
New Members 27 March 2018Download
Contribution by Prof Ulrich SCHÖLER, Deputy Secretary General of the German Bundestag, on the General Debate on “The role of Parliament in the establishment of the government” Download
Themes for the next session in Geneva in October 2018Download