Past Meetings

Location Year Dates Dates Documents File
St Petersburg, Russian Federation201718 Oct - 18 Oct / 201718 Oct - 18 OctContribution by Prof Ulrich SCHÖLER, Deputy Secretary General of the German Bundestag, to the General Debate on “The Opposition”Download
Proposed themes for the draft agenda in Geneva march 2018Download
Rules and working methods - updated April 2017Download
Contribution by Mr Amjed Pervez MALIK, Secretary General of the Senate of Pakistan, on the General Debate on “The role and workings of Parliament in crisis situations”Download
PowerPoint presentation by Ms Penelope TYAWA, Acting Secretary of the Parliament of South Africa, on “The implementation of the oversight and accountability model of Parliament in the context of a developmental state” Download
Message from Mr Geert Jan Hamilton, Vice President of the ASGPDownload
Contribution by Mr Manohar Prasad BHATTARAI, Secretary General of the Parliament of Nepal, to the General Debate on “The Opposition”Download
تقييم السياسات العمومية من طرف البرلمانات، حالة مجلس النواب بالمملكة المغربيةDownload
New message from Mr Geert Jan Hamilton, Vice President of the ASGPDownload
Communication by Dr Georg KLEEMANN, Deputy Secretary General of the Bundesrat of Germany, on “Connecting Parliament with the Public – The Bundesrat's Online Strategies“Download
Communication by Mr Najib EL KHADI, Secretary General of the House of Representatives of Morocco, on “Parliament's evaluative task: case of the House of Representatives“Download
Convocation letter from the Acting President, Mr Geert Jan A. HAMILTONDownload
Communication by Mr Ali bin Nasser Al Mahrooqi, Secretary General of the Majlis A’Shura of the Sultanate of Oman, on “Dialogue Sessions as a Supportive Parliamentary Tool“Download
Convocation letter from the Joint Secretary, Mrs Emily COMMANDERDownload
Introduction by Mr Sergey MARTYNOV, Secretary General of the Council of the Federation of the Russian Federation, on the “Parliamentary system of the Russian Federation“Download
Dhaka, Bangladesh201704 Apr - 05 Apr / 201704 Apr - 05 AprCommunication pro-formaDownload
Communication by Ms Philippa HELME, Principal Clerk of the Table Office, House of Commons, United Kingdom, on “Brexit: the impact on the UK Parliament of the 2016 referendum on European Union membership“Download
Membership affiliation formDownload
Communication by Mr Christophe PALLEZ Secretary General of the Questure of the National Assembly of France, on “The material conditions for exercising a parliamentary mandate: what checks and levels of transparence are required to meet society’s demands?"Download
Contribution by Geert Jan HAMILTON, Clerk of the Senate of the States General of the Netherlands, to the General Debate on “Methods for ensuring parliamentary oversight over the quality of legislation”Download