Past Meetings

Location Year Dates Dates Documents File
Geneva, Switzerland201412 Oct - 16 Oct / 201412 Oct - 16 OctIPU - Draft common Principles for Parliamentary DevelopmentDownload
AGORA documents: general debate on the co-ordination of assistance and support to ParliamentsDownload
List of attendance October 2014Download
CPI review No. 208 Geneva October 13-16 2014Download
Geneva, Switzerland201417 Mar - 20 Mar / 201417 Mar - 20 MarList of attendanceDownload
Orders of the DayDownload
CPI review No. 207 Geneva March 17-20 2014Download
Geneva, Switzerland201307 Oct - 10 Oct / 201307 Oct - 10 OctPrinciples for the recruitment and career management of parliamentary staff – final documentDownload
Background information and agendaDownload
List of attendanceDownload
Orders of the DayDownload
Report of the joint conferenceDownload
Presentation on recent developments in the Inter-Parliamentary Union: a survey of parliamentary salaries and allowancesDownload
CPI review No. 206 Geneva October 7-9 2013Download
Quito, Ecuador201323 Mar - 27 Mar / 201323 Mar - 27 MarCommunication by Mr. José Manuel ARAÚJO, Deputy Secretary General of the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal: “Co-operation between Parliaments in different continents: the case of Portugal and East Timor”Download
Communication by Mr. OUM Sarith, Secretary General of the Senate of Cambodia: “The 3rd Legislature of the Cambodian Senate: opportunities and challenges”Download
Contribution by Mr. Somsak MANUNPICHU, Deputy Secretary General of the Senate of Thailand, to the general debate on "Standards of conduct for Members of Parliament and parliamentary staff"Download
List of attendanceDownload
Orders of the DayDownload
Communication by Mr. Rogerio VENTURA TEIXEIRA, Director of Human Resources, Chamber of Deputies of Brazil: “Human resources in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies: the role of the legislative advice service”Download