Past Meetings

Location Year Dates Dates Documents File
Dhaka, Bangladesh201704 Apr - 05 Apr / 201704 Apr - 05 AprContribution by Mr Jakub KOWALSKI, Secretary General of the Senate of the Republic of Poland, on “Public consultations at the Senate of the Republic of Poland”Download
Attendance list as at 3 April 2017Download
Contribution by Mr Najib EL KHADI, Secretary General of the House of Representatives of Morocco, to the General Debate on “Is the function of the Secretary General a political function?”Download
Rules and working methods - updated April 2017Download
Communication by Mr. Gali Massa HAROU, Deputy Secretary General of the National Assembly of Chad, on “The issue of quorum in relation to accusations made against members of the Government and the President of the Republic“Download
Communication by Mr Mehmet Ali KUMBUZOĞLU, Secretary General of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, on “The Turkish Parliament: A multidimensional approach to the Society“Download
Proposed themes for Dhaka (Bangladesh) - April 2017Download
Communication by Mr Kennedy Mugove CHOKUDA, Clerk of the Parliament of Zimbabwe, on “Initiatives taken by the Parliament of Zimbabwe to enhance public participation in the legislative and other processes of Parliament“Download
Covering letter from the President, Mrs. Doris K. MwingaDownload
Communication by Mrs La-Or PUTORNJAI, Deputy Secretary General of the Thai Senate, on “The role of social media in spreading awareness about the National Legislative Assembly of the Kingdom of Thailand”Download
Convocation letter from the Joint SecretaryDownload
Communication by Mr Gengezi MGIDLANA, Secretary General of the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, on “Implementation of the Oversight Model of the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa“Download
Draft agenda as at 4 April 2017Download
Communication by Dr Md. Abdur Rob HOWLADER, Secretary General of the Parliament of Bangladesh, on “The parliamentary system in Bangladesh“Download
Communication pro-formaDownload
Communication by Ms Philippa HELME, Principal Clerk of the Table Office, House of Commons, United Kingdom, on “Brexit: the impact on the UK Parliament of the 2016 referendum on European Union membership“Download
Membership affiliation formDownload
Communication by Mr Christophe PALLEZ Secretary General of the Questure of the National Assembly of France, on “The material conditions for exercising a parliamentary mandate: what checks and levels of transparence are required to meet society’s demands?"Download
Contribution by Geert Jan HAMILTON, Clerk of the Senate of the States General of the Netherlands, to the General Debate on “Methods for ensuring parliamentary oversight over the quality of legislation”Download
Communication by Mr Philippe SCHWAB, Secretary General of the Swiss Federal Assembly, on “Taking account of interest groups when preparing legislation: the consultation procedure“Download