Past Meetings

Location Year Dates Dates Documents File
Doha, Qatar201910 Apr - 10 Apr / 201910 Apr - 10 AprIntroduction by Mr Fahad Bin Mubarak Al Khayarin, Secretary General of the Shura Council of Qatar, Introduction to the Shura CouncilDownload
Contribution by Ms Linda KIPP, Deputy Secretary General of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands, to the General Debate on Information and Document Services in Parliaments: A Comparative StudyDownload
Procedure for Elections (April 2019)Download
Contribution by Ms Snehlata SHRIVASTAVA, Secretary General of the Lok Sabha of India, to the General Debate on How make better legislationDownload
Members' attendance (as at 9 April 2019)Download
Geneva, Switzerland201817 Oct - 18 Oct / 201817 Oct - 18 OctContribution by Mr Charles ROBERT, Clerk of the House of Commons of Canada, to the general debate on “The requirement for government to consult Parliament before carrying out certain acts”Download
Members present (17.10.2018)Download
Communication by Mr Givi MIKANADZE, Secretary General of the Parliament of Georgia, on “Georgian Parliament’s Experience in implementing the Open Government Partnership Goals“Download
Communication by Mr Gholamreza NOURI GHEZELGEH, Secretary General of the Islamic Parliament of Iran, on “The latest developments in Parliament and the issue of modernization”Download
Communication by Dr Said MOKADEM, Secretary General of the Maghreb Consultative Council, on “General presentation of the Maghreb Consultative Council”Download
Communication by Ms Agnieszka KACZMARSKA, Head of the Sejm Chancellery of Poland, to the general debate on “A new legislature: legal and administrative procedures”Download
Membership listDownload
Convocation letter from the PresidentDownload
New Members 15 October 2018Download
Convocation letter from the Joint SecretaryDownload
Contribution by Mr Juan Pedro TUNESSI, Secretary General of the Senate of Argentina, to the general debate on “A new legislature: legal and administrative procedures"Download
Agenda (consolidated, as at 29.10.2018)Download
Members present (15.10.2018)Download
Communication pro-formaDownload
New Members 16 October 2018Download