Welcome to the ASGP

The spring session of the ASGP took place in Geneva from 24 to 26 March 2024.

A summary of key decisions from the spring session and the provisional agenda for the next session, to be held in Geneva in October 2024, are available here.

The Association of Secretaries General of Parliaments, which first met in Oslo, on 16 August 1939, is constituted as a consultative body of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, and seeks to facilitate personal contact between holders of the office of Secretary General in any Parliamentary Assembly, whether such Assembly is a Member of the Union or not.

It is the task of the Association to study the law, procedure, practice and working methods of different Parliaments and to propose measures for improving those methods and for securing cooperation between the services of different Parliaments.

The Association also assists the Inter-Parliamentary Union, when asked to do so, on subjects within the scope of the Association.

The work of the Association is published in a review, Constitutional and Parliamentary Information, which appears twice a year, in both English and French.



This Guide, published by the IPU in partnership with the Association of Secretaries General of Parliaments (ASGP), is designed to inform and educate parliaments about the challenges and opportunities of using digital tools, and provides them with practical examples and support.The Guide is the result of 18 months of collaboration between the IPU and the ASGP. It is based on data and information collected from 52 parliamentary chambers.

Our latest meetings

Geneva, Switzerland (March 2024)

2024 | Mar 24 - Mar 26

Luanda, Angola

2023 | Oct 23 - Oct 26

Manama, Bahrain

2023 | Mar 15

Kigali, Rwanda

2022 | Oct 14 - Oct 15

Our newest members


Deputy Clerk of Parliament of the Bahamas


Mr Efraim Gwai JANE

Deputy Secretary General of the National Council of Namibia


Mr Maxime BANGA

Acting Clerk of Parliament of Vanuatu


Mrs Jane Rose Semakula IKIROR

Deputy Clerk of the Parliament of Uganda



Secretary General of the Senate of Madagascar


Mr Belay Wodisha GISHADI

Deputy Secretary General of the House of the Federation of Ethiopia



Secretary General of the Senate of Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea

Mr Mariano Afolabi OGOUTOLOU

Secretary General of the National Assembly of Benin