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BOSC, Marc Mr

Honorary Member and former President of the Association

Marc Bosc was appointed Acting Clerk of the House of Commons in September 2014. He has more than 30 years of service to the institution. Prior to his appointment, he had served as Deputy Clerk from May 2005 to August 2014, as Clerk Assistant (Committees) from 2000 to 2005, as Principal Clerk Committees and Parliamentary Associations (2000), and as Deputy Principal Clerk from 1993 to 1999. He began his career in 1986 as a Procedural Clerk, serving in numerous directorates, and has been a Table Officer since 1994.


In his current capacity as Acting Clerk, Marc serves as Secretary to the Board of Internal Economy and oversees the overall administration of the House of Commons as a legislative body.  

Marc was born in St-Boniface, Manitoba. He attended Carleton University, where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in commerce and later earned an M.A. in public administration.

He was President of the Association of Secretaries General of Parliaments from 2011 to 2014,  in addition to being a member of other Clerks-at-the-Table associations. He was Vice-President of the ASGP from 2008-2011 and an Executive Committee member from 2005-2008.

Marc is co-editor of the Second Edition of House of Commons Procedure and Practice, published in 2009. In addition, he has contributed articles on parliamentary procedure to The Journal of the Society of Clerks-at-the-Table in Commonwealth Parliaments (The Table) and to the Canadian Parliamentary Review. In1988, he edited the Broadview Book of Canadian Parliamentary Anecdotes.

Marc is married to Peggy. They have two adult children, Caroline and Natalie.


18 Bayport Private
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
Fax: (1) 613-995-1449
Phone: (1) 613- 995 5990
Website: www.parl.gc.ca

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