Executive Committee Member

KANDETU, Lydia Mrs.

Secretary General of the National Assembly

Elected to the Exective Committee in March 2018.Born in Omaruru in 1961, I have always nurtured the ambition to serve my country to the best of my ability in any position entrusted to me.  It is therefore not a coincidence that I have become a technocrat in the Namibian Public Service with a service record spanning over three decades.  My academic preparations include amongst others: a Master Degree in Public Policy and Administration through the Institute of Social Studies: The Hague –Netherland (2007);  a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, specializing in General and Strategic Management, obtained from the Maastricht School of Management in The Netherland (2003).  I have also broaden my scope of knowledge by doing a variety of short courses that proved immeasurable in enhancing my managerial skills  such as,  a Diploma in Personnel and Training Management,  a Diploma in Human Resources Management, Staff Management and Supervision Course, among others.My extensive experience in management, in particular at the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration served me well in the respective responsibilities entrusted to me and subsequently served successfully in various capacities at the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration from 1983 - 2016.  I was also given the extraordinary opportunity to work for the Legislative Branch, the National Assembly, as a Senior Assistant Clerk during 1995-1998.  During my tenure at the National Assembly, I was given the responsibility of founding the first Parliamentary Standing Committees of the relatively new Parliament of Namibia then in 1995.  My experience with the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) stretch as far back as 1996 as I was part of the staff that rendered technical support to the IPU Namibia Branch. The Parliament of Namibia hosted the 99th Inter-Parliamentary Union Conference in April 1998 and I was primarily charged with the coordination of accommodation to members states. During the time of my employment at the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration I served as a Member of Immigration Selection Board from 1999 – 2005; Member of Tender Board Committee  and chaired various Committees such as the Committee on Forgeries and Investigations Ministerial Task Force from 1991- 1995, Citizenship Committee, Human Resources Advisory Committee, Electronic Documents Records Management System (EDRMS) Committee, Training Committee, Economising Committee and the Wellness Committee.

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