Individual communications and contributions

Year Name Author File
2008 - OctContribution by Ms Claressa Surtees, Deputy Serjeant-at-Arms of the House of Representatives of Australia, to the general debate on "Staff activities during general election periods"Ms Claressa SURTEES (Australia)Download
2008 - OctCommunication from Mr Carlos Hoffmann Contreras, Vice President of the ASGP and Secretary General of the Chilean Senate, on "Enhancing transparency and accountability in Parliaments”Mr Carlos Hoffmann Contreras (Chile)Download
2008 - OctCommunication from Mr Xavier Roques, Secretary General of the Questure of the French National Assembly, on "Is executive accountability a fiction in the parliamentary system?"Mr Xavier Roques (France)Download
2008 - OctCommunication from Mr Marc Bosc, Deputy Clerk of the House of Commons of Canada, on "Programmes for young people: an effective recruitment tool"Mr Marc Bosc (Canada)Download
2008 - OctCommunication from Mr PARK Kye Dong, Secretary General of the National Assembly of Korea, on “E-Parliament in the Ubiquitous Era”Mr PARK Kye Dong (Korea)Download
2008 - JunCommunication Pro FormaDownload
2008 - AprThe role of parliamentary committees and their impact on the budget process in the SADC regionMr Austin Zvoma (Zimbabwe)Download
2008 - AprThe challenges of parliamentary administration in African countries: the case of AlgeriaDr Hafnaoui Amrani (Algeria)Download
2008 - AprThe African Network of Parliamentary StaffMr Brissi Lucas Guehi (Côte d'Ivoire)Download
2008 - AprParliaments as peacebuilders in conflict-affected countriesMr Ian Harris (Australia)Download
2008 - AprImpeachment: still a relevant institution? Recent changes in NorwayMr Hans Brattestå (Norway)Download
2008 - AprParliamentary relations with the media: responses to a questionnaireMr Xavier Roques (France)Download
2008 - AprPromotion of exchanges between parliamentary secretariats in the global eraMr Tae-Rang Kim (Republic of Korea)Download
2008 - AprParliaments and privacy legislationMrs Jacqueline Biesheuvel-Vermeijden (Netherlands)Download
2008 - AprThe revision of the institutions of the Fifth RepublicMr Xavier Roques (France)Download
2008 - AprThe role of Parliament in a changing environmentMr Zingile Dingani (South Africa)Download
2008 - AprThe work of parliamentary committeesMr Anders Forsberg (Sweden)Download
2008 - AprThe autonomy of Parliaments: responses to a questionnaireMr Alain Delcamp (France)Download
2008 - AprReform of the Portuguese Parliament: progress and problemsMrs Adelina Sà Carvalho (Portugal)Download
2008 - AprAn example of well developed parliamentary minority rights: the rules of procedure of the German BundestagDr Ulrich Schöler (Germany)Download