Individual communications and contributions

Year Name Author File
2006 - OctOrganising Parliamentary ReformMr Marc Bosc (Canada)Download
2006 - OctManaging Relations between the two Chambers of ParliamentMr Brendan Keith (United Kingdom)Download
2006 - OctParliamentary Relations with the MediaMr Xavier Roques (France)Download
2006 - OctPromoting Interaction between Parliament and Civil SocietyMr Sérgio S. Contreiras de Almeida (Brazil) and Mrs Georgeta Ionescu (Romania)Download
2006 - OctThe Right to Information ActShri P.D.T. Achary (India)Download
2006 - OctThe Expulsion of Members of the HouseDr Yogendra Narain (India)Download
2006 - OctThe Search for Pluralism in the Internal Management of the French Parliamentary Assemblies: the Specific Role of the QuaestorsMrs Hélène Ponceau (France)Download
2006 - OctRestructuring the ECOWAS ParliamentMrs Halima Ahmed (ECOWAS Parliament)Download
2006 - OctCommunication Pro FormaDownload
2006 - MayThe Office and Powers of the Speaker/PresidentMr Abdeljalil Zerhouni (Morocco)Download
2006 - MayThe Role of Parliaments and Parliamentarians in Promoting Reconciliation in Society after Civil StrifeDr Hafnaoui Amrani (Algeria)Download
2006 - MayPortugal and the Convergence CriteriaMrs Adelina de Sá Carvalho (Portugal)Download
2006 - MayDetails of the Bicameral System in Burundi and the three Functions of the SenateMr Jean Sindayigaya (Burundi)Download
2006 - MayPresentation on the Parliamentary System of KenyaMr Samuel Waweru Ndindiri (Kenya)Download
2006 - MayParliamentary Codes of Ethics: Recent Developments in CanadaMr Marc Bosc (Canada)Download
2006 - MayThe Functioning of the Institute of Urgency in the Chilean ParliamentMr Carlos Hoffmann-Contreras (Chile)Download
2006 - MayA Presentation of the Strategic Development Plan of the Parliament of Burkina Faso 2004-2014Mr Prosper Vokouma (Burkina Faso)Download
2006 - MayThe Establishment of a Digital ChamberMr Won-Jong Sang (Republic of Korea)Download
2005 - OctPrivileges and immunities in ParliamentMrs Hélène Ponceau (France)Download
2005 - OctThe right of voters to introduce bills: public participation under the Constitution of the Kingdom of ThailandMr Pitoon Pumhiran (Thailand)Download