Individual communications and contributions

Year Name Author File
1997 - DecThe difficulties in the Second Chamber of the States General relating to the respective powers and activities of committees and individual membersMr William de Beaufort (Netherlands)Download
1997 - DecThe Chamber of Deputies of ChileMr Alfonso Zuniga Opazo (Chile)Download
1997 - DecThe principle of parliamentary autonomyMr. Couderc (France)Download
1997 - DecThe immunities of members of parliamentMr. Myttenaere (Belgium)Download
1997 - DecThe Federal Parliament of EthiopiaHon. Mr. Haile Halefom (Ethiopia)Download
1997 - DecThe new legislation in Italy concerning the funding of political movements and partiesMr Giuseppe Troccoli (Italy)Download
1997 - DecCodes of conduct for parliamentary staffMr Maure Zampini (Italy)Download
1997 - DecThe parliamentary system of EgyptMr Sami El-Din Mahran (Egypt)Download
1996 - DecRole of Parliament in the conduct of foreign relationsMr. Tiitinen (Finland)Download
1996 - DecAssistance provided for individual Members in respect of allowances, equipment & staffMr. Meva'a (Cameroon)Download
1996 - DecThe system for the preparation of the Official Report in the Swiss ParliamentMr Hans-Peter Gerschwiler (Switzerland)Download
1996 - DecThe management by Parliaments of their historic buildingsMr Michel Couderc (France)Download
1996 - DecThe parliamentary system of the Republic of KoreaMr Yun Young Tak(Korea)Download
1996 - DecThe position of witnesses before parliamentary committeesMr. Raval (Philippines)Download
1995 - DecThe Parliamentary OmbudsmanMr. Grenfors (Sweden)Download
1995 - DecStatus of parliamentary groupsMr. Madureira (Portugal)Download
1995 - DecTelevision and ParliamentMr. Ollé-Laprune (France)Download
1995 - DecThe Parliamentary System of RomaniaMr Acsinte GasparDownload
1995 - DecSources of Information for ParliamentMr. Mario Farachio (Uruguay)Download
1995 - DecSecurity and Access to ParliamentMr. Nys (Belgium)Download