Individual communications and contributions

Year Name Author File
1994 - DecRespective roles of Government and Parliament/Backbenchers in the introduction and passage of legislationMr. Benvenuto (Italy)Download
1994 - DecThe South African Parliament in transitionMr Kasper Hahndiek (South Africa)Download
1994 - DecThe parliamentary System of SpainMr Astarloa (Spain)Download
1994 - DecThe Parliamentary System of FranceDownload
1993 - DecProcedures for reform of Standing Orders/Rules of ProcedureMr Manuel Alba NavarroDownload
1993 - DecThe Parliamentary System of AustraliaMr Harry Evans (Australia)Download
1993 - DecReform of ParliamentMr Sauvant (Switzerland)Download
1993 - DecInduction Programmes for New MembersMr. Wojciech Sawicki (Poland)Download
1993 - DecThe Independence and Neutrality of the Parliamentary ServiceDale' Ha|l Wan Zahlr Sheikh Abdul Rahman (Malaysia)Download
1993 - DecIndependent MembersDr. Rudolf KabolDownload
1992 - DecThe Constitution of MongoliaDownload
1992 - DecThe Parliamentary System of CameroonDr. Bernard Nzo-Nguty (Cameroon)Download
1992 - DecRelations between Chambers in Bicameral ParliamentsDownload
1992 - DecThe Parliamentary System of SwedenMr. Gunnar Grenfors (Sweden)Download
1991 - DecMembers AssistantsMr Bernard Charpin (France)Download
1991 - DecThe Parliamentary System of ChileMr. Eyzaguirre Echeverria & Mr. Carlos Loyola Opazo (Chile)Download
1991 - DecThe Volume of Parliamentary WorkloadMr. M. A. J. Wheeler-Booth (United Kingdom)Download
1991 - DecThe Parliamentary System of the Democratic People's Republic of KoreaMr. Li Chun Sik (Korea)Download
1990 - DecPowers of the Speaker/ President in the ChamberMr. Donato Marra (Italy)Download
1990 - DecThe Parliamentary BudgetMr Jacobson (Israel)Download