Individual communications and contributions

Year Name Author File
1990 - DecReport on the introduction of new technology in parliamentsMr. Helge Hjortdal (Denmark)Download
1990 - DecPowers of the Speaker/ President in the ChamberMr. Donato Marra (Italy)Download
1989 - DecParliamentary needs of newly independent countriesMr. Duarte (Cape Verde)Download
1989 - DecTelevising of ParliamentMr. Nys (Belgium)Download
1989 - DecRelations between national parliaments and international parliamentary assembliesMr. Klebes (Council of Europe)Download
1989 - DecThe U.K. parliamentary systemMr. Clifford Boulton & Sir John Sainty (United Kingdom)Download
1988 - DecThe Guatemalan parliamentary systemMr. Robert Alejos Cambara & Mr. Luis Mijangos (Guatemala)Download
1988 - DecObstruction of parliamentary proceedingsDr. Joseph Biicker (Germany)Download
1988 - DecTime limits on speeches and debatesProfessor Costas Beys (Greece)Download
1988 - DecReport on the methods of election of the Speaker or President of ParliamentsMr. Charpin (France)Download
1987 - DecRetirement of Sir Kenneth Bradshaw the office of Clerk of the UK House of CommonsW. R. McKay (United Kingdom)Download
1987 - DecReport on the registration of lobbyistsNora S. Lever (Canada)Download
1987 - DecTopical discussion on the role of parliamentary groupsDr. Macris (Argentina)Download
1987 - DecTopical discussion on checks on the attendance of Members of ParliamentsMr. Lussier (Canada)Download
1987 - DecThe powers of an upper chamber over legislationMr. Cumming Thorn (Australia)Download
1986 - DecBroadcasting of the proceedings of ParliamentMr. Chr. Hadjioannou (Cyprus)Download
1986 - DecThe Nicaraguan Parliamentary SystemMr. Raphael Solis Cerda (Nicaragua)Download
1986 - DecReport on bilateral relations between National ParliamentsMr Milan Jonovski (Yugoslavia)Download
1986 - DecThe election of Speaker of the House of Commons in CanadaMr. Lussier (Canada)Download
1986 - DecThe copyright of Parliamentary debates and documentsMr. Hayatou (Cameroon)Download