Individual communications and contributions

Year Name Author File
1986 - DecReport on bilateral relations between National ParliamentsMr Milan Jonovski (Yugoslavia)Download
1986 - DecThe election of Speaker of the House of Commons in CanadaMr. Lussier (Canada)Download
1985 - DecThe financial interests of Members of ParliamentDownload
1985 - DecThe duties and rights of deputies to the diet of the Polish People's Republic ACTO of 31 July 1985Download
1985 - DecThe financial interests of Members of ParliamentMr C. J. Boulton (United Kingdom)Download
1985 - DecThe registration of lobbyistsMrs. Lever (Canada)Download
1985 - DecThe quorum and attendance of Members in the chamberMr. Lussier (Canada)Download
1985 - DecThe Mexican Parliamentary SystemMr. Miguel Montes Garcia (Mexico)Download
1985 - DecInformation given to new Members of ParliamentMr. Jacobson (Israel)Download
1985 - DecMethods of votingMr. Desrosiers (Canada)Download
1985 - DecParliament and public relationsVariousDownload
1985 - DecReport on Parliaments and the treaty making powerG. J. Ploos van Amstel (Netherlands)Download
1984 - DecThe financial interests of Members of Parliament: Introductory note for topical discussionMr. Clifford Boulton (United Kingdom)Download
1984 - DecMethods of deciding the emoluments of Members of ParliamentMrs Marilyn Courtot (United States)Download
1984 - DecReport of the research and reference services of ParliamentsMr Paul Borgniet (France)Download
1984 - DecQuestionnaire on the research and references services of ParliamentsMr Paul Borgniet (France)Download
1984 - DecReport on the work of the Association of Secretaries General of ParliamentsMrs Helge Hjortdal (Denmark)Download
1984 - DecThe Study of Parliament Group 1964-1985Mr Dermot Englefield (United Kingdom)Download
1984 - DecThe role of Secretaries-General of ParliamentsMr Antonio M. De Guzman (Batasang Pambansa)Download
1984 - DecFriendship groups – Introductory note for the topical discussionMr. Paul Amiot (France)Download