Reminder from the ASGP President to all members with more than two years' overdue subscriptions

31 January 2008

1. I am writing to you because the subscription owed by your parliamentary chamber is overdue. The Executive Committee agreed at the Geneva session in October 2007 that I should write to all members of the ASGP whose subscriptions had not been received for more than two years. Each parliamentary chamber is responsible for its own costs.

2. Under Rule 30 (5) of the Rules of the Association, “the Executive Committee may propose that all or some of the rights associated with membership be suspended, as set out in article 5.2 of the Statutes of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, if there is a delay of at least three years in the payment of subscriptions”.

3. The Executive Committee has decided that this matter will be considered further at the session in Cape Town in April. If necessary Rule 30 could be invoked.

4. The ASGP relies on the subscriptions received from its members to continue its work. The cost of subscription is not high, and has not been increased since 1997. I hope that you will be able to pay the subscriptions owed as soon as possible.

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