Past Meetings

Location Year Dates Dates Documents File
Nusa Dua, Indonesia202223 Mar - 23 Mar / 202223 Mar - 23 MarProcedure for Elections (March 2022)Download
Communication by Mr Manesh TIWARI, Deputy Secretary General of the Rajya Sabha of India, on “Restructuring and Rebuilding of Parliamentary Buildings”Download
Welcome and brief presentation on the parliamentary system in Indonesia by Dr Indra Iskandar, Secretary General of the House of Representatives of IndonesiaDownload
New members (21.03.2022)Download
President's invitation letterDownload
Retired members (21.03.2022)Download
Co-Secretary letterDownload
Members list (march 2022)Download
Orders of the Day (21.03.2022)Download
Attendance list (as at end 22.03.2022)Download
Communication proformaDownload
New members (22.03.2022)Download
Affiliation form (membership)Download
Matters put forward for inclusion in the Draft Agenda for the autumn meeting in KigaliDownload
Elections substitution form (voting proxy)Download
Communication by Mr Ahmed MANNA, Secretary General of the House of Representatives of Egypt, on “Travel of Members of Parliament: Costs and Allowance Rules in the Arab Republic of Egypt”Download
Health protocol (revised 18.03.2022)Download
Kareen Jabre IPU update to ASGP [Mar 2022]Download
Excursion Registration Form (Uluwatu)Download
Andy Richardson CIP update to ASGP [Mar 2022]Download