Past Meetings

Location Year Dates Dates Documents File
Belgrade, Serbia201916 Oct - 17 Oct / 201916 Oct - 17 OctCommunication by Dr Said MOKADEM, Secretary General of the Maghreb Consultative Council, on the “Legal Status of the Parliamentary Opposition in the Maghreb Constitutions"Download
Contribution by Mr Gennadiy GOLOV, Secretary General of the Council of the Federation of the Russian Federation, to the General Debate on ”The enforcement of the Law: methods of control for Parliaments”Download
Agenda (consolidated)Download
Communication by Mr Christophe PALLEZ, Secretary General of the Questure of the French National Assembly, on Limiting the length of debates during the plenary sitting – the new reform of the rules of procedure of the French National AssemblyDownload
Members present (15.10.2019)Download
Affiliation form 2019Download
Communication by Mr Charles ROBERT, Clerk of the House of Commons Canada, on "Parliamentary Privilege and Charter Rights in Canada: Reconciling Principles and Values"Download
Contribution by Mr Najib EL KHADI, Secretary General of the House of Representatives of the Kingdom Morocco, to the General Debate on Law implementation: What means of control are available for parliament?Download
Communication by Mr Rashed ABUNAJMA, Secretary General of the Council of Representatives of Bahrain, on "The Parliament of Bahrain’s Experiment in Promoting Parliamentary Culture"Download
Communication by Mr Givi MIKANADZE, Secretary General of the Parliament of Georgia, on “Importance of training in strengthening the capacity of the Parliament of Georgia”Download
Presentation by Mr José Manuel ARAÚJO, Deputy Secretary General of the National Assembly of Portugual, on "Recruitment of parliamentary staff"Download
Communication by Ms Baby Penelope TYAWA, Acting Secretary to Parliament of South Africa, on "Assessment of public awareness on the work of parliament: results from a four year long independently commissioned study for the Parliament of South Africa"Download
Communication by Mr Ali Nasir AL-MAHROOQI, Secretary General of the Shura Council of Oman, on "The Role of Human Resources in Building the Capabilities of the Members and Employees of the Shura Council"Download
Excursion programme - Sunday 13 October 2019Download
ورقة عمل حول: دور الموارد البشرية في تأهيل أعضاء مجلس الشورى وموظفيهDownload
Excursion Reservation PRO-FORMA - DEADLINE 1 October 2019Download
Communication by Dr Remco NEHMELMAN, Secretary General of the Senate of the Netherlands, on "In the News"Download
أية وسائل للمراقبة من طرف البرلمان: تنفيذ القوانين, المملكة المغربية, كاتب عام مجلس النواب, نجيب الخديDownload
Mrs Cvetanka IVANOVA, Secretary General of the National Assembly of North Macedonia, to the General Debate on “Making parliamentary work accessible to disabled people: best practice”Download
Doha, Qatar201910 Apr - 10 Apr / 201910 Apr - 10 AprRetired members (as at 08.04.2019)Download