Past Meetings

Location Year Dates Dates Documents File
Lusaka, Zambia201623 Mar - 23 Mar / 201623 Mar - 23 MarCommunication by Mr. Gengezi MGIDLANA, Secretary to Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, on “Separation of Powers: Relationship between Parliament and the Judiciary, with a focus on the internal arrangements of Parliament“Download
Communication by Prof Ulrich SCHÖLER, Deputy Secretary General of the German Bundestag, on “Training ambassadors for parliamentarianism – the German Bundestag’s International Parliamentary Scholarship Programme“Download
Contribution by Mr. Philippe SCHWAB, Secretary General of the Federal Assembly of Switzerland, to the General Debate on “Overburdening the statute book in response to current events?“Download
Communication by Mr. Helgi BERNÓDUSSON, Secretary General of the Alþingi, Iceland, on “Filibustering in the Alþingi“Download
Rules and Working Methods of the AssociationDownload
Communication by Mr Anoop MISHRA, Secretary General of the Lok Sabha (House of the People), India, on “The Lok Sabha Secretariat and its journey towards a paperless office“Download
Procedure for ElectionsDownload
Geneva, Switzerland201518 Oct - 21 Oct / 201518 Oct - 21 OctNew member - 20 Oct 2015Download
CPI review No. 210 Geneva 18 - 21 October 2015Download
Agenda Oct. 2015Download
Convocation Letter (President)Download
Convocation Letter (EC)Download
List of membersDownload
Attendance ListDownload
New Members - 18 Oct 2015Download
New Members - 19 Oct 2015Download
Hanoi, Vietnam201529 Mar - 01 Apr / 201529 Mar - 01 AprCommunication pro-formaDownload
Membership Affiliation FormDownload
Agenda HanoiDownload
CPI review No. 209 Hanoi 29 March - 1 April 2015Download