Past Meetings

Location Year Dates Dates Documents File
Geneva, Switzerland201412 Oct - 16 Oct / 201412 Oct - 16 OctLetter from Secretary General of the IPU to all Secretaries General, for urgent responseDownload
Rules and Working MethodsDownload
Agenda of the session - October 13, 2014Download
IPU - Draft common Principles for Parliamentary DevelopmentDownload
AGORA documents: general debate on the co-ordination of assistance and support to ParliamentsDownload
List of attendance October 2014Download
CPI review No. 208 Geneva October 13-16 2014Download
Geneva, Switzerland201417 Mar - 20 Mar / 201417 Mar - 20 MarList of attendanceDownload
Orders of the DayDownload
CPI review No. 207 Geneva March 17-20 2014Download
Geneva, Switzerland201307 Oct - 10 Oct / 201307 Oct - 10 OctPresentation on recent developments in the Inter-Parliamentary Union: a survey of parliamentary salaries and allowancesDownload
CPI review No. 206 Geneva October 7-9 2013Download
Principles for the recruitment and career management of parliamentary staff – final documentDownload
Background information and agendaDownload
List of attendanceDownload
Orders of the DayDownload
Report of the joint conferenceDownload
Quito, Ecuador201323 Mar - 27 Mar / 201323 Mar - 27 MarCommunication by Mr. Austin ZVOMA, Clerk of the Parliament of Zimbabwe: “ISO certification: in search of excellence in the service delivery by the administration of Parliament”Download
Communication by Dr. Ulrich SCHÖLER, Vice-President of the ASGP, Deputy Secretary General of the German Bundestag: "The necessary limits to transparency – the problems for Parliaments of freedom of information legislation"Download
Communication by Mr. José Manuel ARAÚJO, Deputy Secretary General of the Assembly of the Republic of Portugal: “Co-operation between Parliaments in different continents: the case of Portugal and East Timor”Download