Past Meetings

Location Year Dates Dates Documents File
Mexico City, Mexico200417 Apr - 22 Apr / 200417 Apr - 22 AprParliament Of BirdsDownload
Questions and Answers on these presentationsDownload
Geneva, Switzerland200330 Sep - 02 Oct / 200330 Sep - 02 OctMachinery for handling Human Rights matters: the Council of Europe Parliamentary AssemblyDownload
Understanding the Standing OrdersDownload
Floor crossing in the National Assembly (a brief overview) and language policy development in Parliament of South AfricaDownload
Bilingual Website in the Council of States (Rajya Sabha), the Upper House of the Parliament — a case studyDownload
Mechanisms for treatment of Human Rights issues in National ParliamentsDownload
The development of extra-Parliamentary activities at the French Senate and its administrative consequencesDownload
The Role of the Secretary General of the Indonesian House of Representatives in the era of reform in IndonesiaDownload
The Role of Turkish Parliament in Promoting Human RightsDownload
List of attendeesDownload
Mechanisms for treatment of Human Rights issues in National Parliaments (German Bundestag)Download
Parliaments and the transfer of sovereigntyDownload
The Polish path to attaining the International Standard of respect for and protection of Human Rights and freedomsDownload
Santiago, Chile200306 Apr - 10 Apr / 200306 Apr - 10 AprList of attendeesDownload
Minutes of meetingDownload
Geneva, Switzerland200224 Sep - 26 Sep / 200224 Sep - 26 SepMinutes of meetingDownload
List of attendeesDownload
Marrakech, Morocco200217 Mar - 20 Mar / 200217 Mar - 20 MarList of attendeesDownload
Minutes of meetingDownload